About Kimmie Carter

About Kimmie Carter - Why the anchor?

Kimmie Carter’s signature collection is inspired by the anchor and the crescent moon.

 The anchor is a symbol of hope. Humans are adventurous creatures.  Raising a ship’s anchor represents the beginning of a journey, a voyage into new waters, a sign of new things to come: new destinations to explore, new people to meet, and new things to learn.

 The anchor also symbolizes stability. Dropping anchor signifies being in a place that is calm, productive and worthwhile. It can be a state of mind or an actual destination, but is a place that allows the spirit to bloom, create and belong.  Stability encourages doing what one loves, embracing new possibilities and savoring good times with cherished family and friends. As these relationships become stronger, they create the stability to withstand the harshest storms.

 The crescent moon is a symbol of feminine energy and intuition, allowing one to instinctively know what is true. Being a phase of a continually recurring process, the crescent moon also symbolizes a rebirth of creative vitality and expression. It nurtures our dreams into reality and represents new beginnings.

 Spread Anchor Love is the essence of Kimmie Carter’s desire to spread her overwhelming love of life to others.  She is a positive, adventurous and aspiring free spirit who embraces the hope, stability and dreams the anchor and crescent moon symbols represent.

 Kimmie Carter is not just a brand.  It’s a lifestyle.

Kimmie Carter